David S. Joachim

Senior Editor, Bloomberg News

About Me

I am a journalist whose career has spanned Silicon Valley, Washington and Wall Street.

These days I help run Top News on the Bloomberg Terminal and the home page on Bloomberg’s digital platforms. I spent the previous five years editing investigative projects and legal news.

I was also an editor and reporter at The New York Times for more than a decade, covering Wall Street and Washington.

I covered information technology in the early days of the Internet explosion and taught business reporting at George Washington University. I’m a graduate of Stony Brook University, where I advise my college newspaper on financial matters.

I recently earned my master’s degree from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and completed my formal training in intermediate Python and Pandas for data reporting.

Here is my résumé. Work samples are below.

Musk-Bezos Space Race Gets a Boost From Anti-Poverty Tax Break
Trump Perks for Weisselbergs Included Free Rent, Tax Preparer
Inside the JPMorgan Trading Desk the U.S. Called a Crime Ring
Billionaire Robert Smith Fighting U.S. Criminal Tax Inquiry
Manafort Mystery Lender’s Next Act Is an Obamacare End Run
A Cartel and a Briefcase: How Drug Cash Moves on a River of Gold

Trump and Cuomo Mock Each Other in Real Time Over Virus Aid
New York City Marshals All Hospitals; Navy Sails In to Help
N.Y. Hospitals Pitch Tents, Nix Surgeries to Gird for Influx

The Mueller Investigation: A Timeline of Key Events
Robert Mueller Closes In on Trump Allies (QuickTake Video)

Series on IRS mistreatment of conservative nonprofit groups
     > Public editor’s column examining my IRS coverage

Private, Killed 70 Years Ago in the Pacific, Is Laid to Rest
In Newly Released Clinton Papers, Ire Over Length of Speeches
Primary Loss Means End of Era for World War II Veterans in Congress
On Russia’s List of Sanctions, and Proud of It

Field Test: Honk, Honk! Automating the Counting of Car Horns to Tell a Story About Road Safety

After Loss of Tax Break, Should the Pelhams Merge?
A detailed analysis of the Pelham and Pelham Manor tax bills and interviews with local officials suggest that consolidating services could cut costs and help offset the new federal cap on property-tax deductions. But the savings would probably be modest. UPDATE: This investigation has been cited frequently by voters and candidates in recent local election campaigns, particularly now, in the run-up to the Pelham Manor mayoral election on March 16, 2021.

“Faces” podcast
Who are these people who are a part of my daily routine? I decided to find out about a few of them on a sweaty Friday morning in August.

An Ode to NPR’s “Planet Money”

“Geoff the Chef”
Geoff Lazlo, a gourmet chef who refined his craft at Michelin-star restaurants in New York City, strikes out on his own and discovers that it takes a lot more than great food to find enduring success.

PSA: Harassment Is Everybody’s Business

Promotional Video for Communications@Syracuse

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