Back to School for This Old Fart: An Intergenerational Journey | Reflections Blog

dangerfieldIt’s a good bet that I’m further along in my career than most of my classmates. This means that I’m old and want them to get off my lawn. This also means that there’s already a certain amount of momentum behind my career path that may be harder to alter than if I were starting fresh.

So when you ask what from Intro to Digital Communications will have the biggest effect on my job and career, I’m not sure I have a dramatic answer.

It was certainly refreshing to be able to pause long enough to see the media industry from afar and assess the extent to which the digital transformation is affecting not only the business but readers and citizens. And certain revelations from the class will stick with me, such as the extent to which the news industry’s reliance on advertising can distort judgments in the newsroom, and how that phenomenon is accelerating online.

More than anything, I think this class helped me learn from the experience of my classmates. Many of them never knew a world without an internet. Hearing them talk about their optimism for the promise of technology while also expressing alarm about the implications of technology on privacy, democracy, work conditions and the job market was illuminating and reassuring.

This is the age group that is already shaping the direction of digital media, and I look forward to learning more from them as this program progresses.

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