Betting Your Retirement on Your Start-Up
With small-business loans and second mortgages scarce these days, some middle-age entrepreneurs are starting companies using their retirement savings, a novel financing method that they say avoids loan payments and early withdrawal penalties.

Telecommuters Cry ‘Ouch’ to the Tax Gods
Tens of thousands of telecommuters are receiving tax bills from states where they do not live, do not vote and do not use local services like schools.

Face-Lift at the Garden Taps Corporate Money
Until the wrecking ball arrives at Madison Square Garden, its owner, Cablevision, is busy remodeling some sections of the dowdy yellowing arena in an effort to squeeze out a few (million) extra dollars from its corporate clients.

The Word on Warranties: Don’t Bother
It may be tempting to buy extended warranties with all those high-tech gadgets on your holiday list, but the experts say they are almost always a waste of money.

Ads by the Dozen
CBS will advertise its fall lineup on 35 million egg shells.

Computer Technology Opens a World of Work to Disabled People
An abundance of new technology is allowing disabled people to work from home.

A Country House? Let Renters Pay the Mortgage
With the New York City real estate market getting further out of reach for many middle-income buyers, several agents in the Woodstock area are promoting a novel idea: Come up here and buy not one house but, potentially, two or three, and let tourists help pay the mortgage.