Recent Editing

Epstein Asset Forfeitures Wouldn’t Guarantee Payout for Accusers (8/13/19)
By David Voreacos and Neil Weinberg
This legal analysis described the obstacles facing Epstein accusers who were seeking compensation from his estate.

 J&J Denials of Asbestos in Baby Powder Spur Criminal Probe (7/12/19)
By Jef Feeley
This exclusive about the Justice Department pursuing a criminal investigation into whether Johnson & Johnson lied about the possible cancer risks of its talcum powder erased more than $19 billion from its market value.

Manafort’s Mystery Lender Steps Forward After Gaffe in Filing (6/4/19)
Manafort Lender in Trump-Hostile California Fights for Anonymity (4/4/19)
Manafort Prosecutors Ask Whether ‘Opaque’ Firm’s Loan Is a ‘Sham’ (3/25/19)
Manafort’s Mystery Lender Battles Mueller to Remain Shrouded (2/26/19)
By David Glovin and Andrew Martin
This is our investigative series on a mysterious $1 million loan to Paul Manafort. Drawing from public documents and interviews, we unmasked the layers of people behind the loan, a person-to-person transaction that was so unusual that Special Counsel Robert Mueller thought it might be a sham intended to help Manafort hide his assets.


Trump Circle in Legal Peril Despite End of Muller Probe (3/22/19)
On the day that Special Counsel Robert Mueller closed his investigation of Russian election interference, we explained how and why President Trump, his business, his charity, his campaign, his inaugural committee and his associates were still the focus of federal and state investigations.

Examining a Scandal Within a Scandal About Emails at the I.R.S. (6/24/14)
This explainer article drew from about a dozen others I wrote about the I.R.S. political-targeting scandal during the Obama administration. The public editor examined my coverage in response to questions from readers on both sides of the aisle about how we were portraying this politically charged controversy. She concluded that “The Times has given its readers insightful coverage of a situation heavily clouded by partisan politics.”

In Newly Released Clinton Papers, Ire Over Speeches (6/7/14)
This is one of about a half-dozen articles I wrote about scheduled releases of Clinton administration documents by the National Archives. Sorting through the thousands of pages quickly but surgically on a web deadline, I was struck by this transcript because it portrayed Clinton, a notoriously verbose speaker, as frustrated by the wordiness of his State of the Union address as his team was writing it.

Primary Loss Means End of Era for World War II Veterans in Congress (5/29/14)
I had been tracking the dwindling number of World War II veterans serving in Congress and got my chance to mark the moment after Ralph Hall of Texas lost his House seat in a primary. This article has special meaning to me because my father was a World War II combat veteran who never missed an opportunity to vote.

Solo Digital Projects 

“Central Park” video (9/16/18)
I’m having the career of my dreams. But it almost didn’t happen. Here’s the story of how my path — and my world — nearly crumbled.

“Faces” podcast (10/26/18)
All these faces we see every morning. No names to go with them. Some headed to work, others on the job already, catering to the morning rush. Who are these people who are a part of my daily routine? I decided to find out about a few of them on a sweaty Friday morning in August.

After Loss of Tax Break, Should the Pelhams Merge? (12/10/18)
This data project was requested by my neighbors via Facebook. I interviewed local officials and analyzed the property-tax bills for the villages of Pelham and Pelham Manor, N.Y., the high-tax community where I live, to test an enduring hypothesis among local critics — that eliminating layers of government might cut municipal costs considerably. I found that public safety was by far the biggest expense in both villages and that combining them could produce real savings. But I also concluded that the savings wouldn’t be enough change public sentiment against consolidation. My report continues to reverberate in the Pelhams as new projects and services are proposed.